13W 90mm Smart ZigBee RGB CW LED Downlight Kit for Echo Plus SmartThings Hub Hue ConBee II

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Echo Plus SmartThings Nue Hue Bridge Compatible Smart ZigBee RGBW Downlight Kit Choose between Warm White and Daylight + RGB


We are based in Denham court in Sydney. All our lights driver are SAA Approved in Australia and comes with 2 year's warranty. Certificate are attached in the pictures. Our Lights use T1 Chips which is designed in United States. The whole light is Aluminium Casting. We offer 30 days ebay return period. Buy with confidence

Smart control, home and away 

You can control the lights wherever you are using the Hue/Lightify iOS and Android apps as long as you have the internet. Lights can be controlled individually or as a group. The App allows you to control the brightness, colour temperature, and also allows you to set timers.

Control with your voice

It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, so you can control the lights with your voice.e.g. “Hey, Alexa, turn on the light”, “Ok, Google, turn off the living room”. Also you can voice control to dim to the desired brightness for a perfect ambiance.

 Gateway and App

- The Smart light is compatible with Amazon Alexa plus and Google Max ranges which have in - built Gateways and app control. If you don't have built in Gateway you can use Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings HUBS and then link Alexa or Google with HUB for Voice Control.


Easy Installation

A. Using Philips Hue Gateway.

1. Connect the gateway to your wifi router/modern;

2. Install the Apollo smart lights;

3. Download the Philips Hue App and follow setup prompts;

4. Find the new device in App and Name/Group the lights;

5. Welcome to a whole new level of light;

For Voice control: Amazon Alexa/Google Home

1. Download the Amazon Alexa or Google Home;

2. a) with Alexa, go to “Skills”, search Hue App, then Enable Skills;

b) with Google Home, click “Add” to “set up device”;

3. Link Philips Hue Account;

4. Smart light will automatically come up;

5. Welcome to Voice Control the lights!

 B. Using Amazon Echo Plus

1. Follow Echo Plus instruction to set up the device;

2. Install the Apollo smart lights;

3. In Amazon Alexa App, click “+” to add device;

4. Follow the instruction to connect.

5. Find the new lights in “Lights” and Name/Group them;

6. Now enjoy controlling smart lights with Alexa App and voice controls.


Reset Light to factory setting

Step 1: AC power on and then off the device within 2 seconds (via circuit breaker); 

Step 2: Repeat step 1 for 4 times;

Step 3: Power on the device follow up with step 2, light will flash for 4 times and then keep on, the light is set back to factory setting. All bounding records are cleared.


Product Details

Wattage - 5W (RGB), 13W (CW)

Lumens - 780Im/ 800Im/ 850Lm

Colour Temp - RGB, 2700 - 6500K

Beam Angle -100

CRI > 80

Cut out - 90mm

Finish - Finish White.

1 Led Downlights.


2 years


  • 5
    Rgbw smart down lights.

    Posted by Jack Huston on 21st Nov 2020

    I bought 8 of these for my back patio area, simple to install and easily configured to my Phillips hue network and work well with my google Home to change colours, brightness and scheduled on off. Good product so far, as I've only had them for a week.

  • 4
    Multicolor Lights

    Posted by Dominic Milburn on 27th Jun 2020

    Philips Hue does no offer a recessed multi-color downlight so this is a great alternative. Very easy to install and lots of fun painting the room with light. Not being an official Philips Hue products you can't link the lights to an entertainment area, which means some of the cooler features of Philips hue are not available. Things like lights flickering to music and video streaming however despite this I really enjoyed the product.