9.0 kg ABE Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher with Wall Bracket

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Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher (ABE)



About Us

Ur Needs brings you a wide range of fire extinguishers that help you to extinguish fires and bring the situation under control. Our powder fire extinguishers are ergonomically designed and can be easily used in case of a mishap. It works well on all types of surfaces. Ur Needs is one of the leading suppliers of powder fire extinguisher in Australia. We are popular for our safe and highly functional products. Our commitment to quality gives us a distinct edge and makes us highly reliable.

ABE Dry Chemical fire extinguishers are the most widely used fire extinguishers. They can be utilized for numerous applications and for the most common types of fires (Paper, Plastic, Textile and Wood fires). These dry chemical extinguishers are very easy to handle and available in various sizes and dimensions as well.

See our range in the pictures. 

If you are looking to acquire fire extinguisher in wholesale, contact Ur Needs for the best quality extinguishers. We manufacture a variety of fire extinguishers like ABE extinguishers, Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, wet chemical extinguishers and water and foam extinguishers.

Save on high-quality stainless steel fire extinguishers with direct wholesale prices. Our range includes ABE, BE, Foam, C02, Water, Heavy Duty, and High-Performance Range.

All of our products are certified and approved by Australian standards, tagged, supplied with bracket and ready for easy installation. ABE extinguishers are one of the most commonly used fire extinguishers. It has applications for the most common types of fires like that of wood, paper, textile, plastic, etc. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is yet another popular choice. This one is used for class B fires from inflammable liquids or gases. It is also safe to be used on an electrical fire without damaging the equipment. If you want to buy any of the fire extinguishers in wholesale, contact Ur Needs.

We have ABE extinguishers and CO2 extinguishers. Apart from them, we even have wet chemical extinguishers that are designed to put out the fires on kitchen ranges. These work well against the fire caused by cooking oil and fat. You must never use wet chemicals on electrical equipment.

We make all kinds of fire extinguishers ranging from ABE extinguishers to water and foam extinguishers. We also manufacture fire protection equipment like accessories and brackets for fire extinguishers, fire blankets, hydrants, hose reels, safety glasses, safety signs and so on.

Apart from that, we can also discharge the hose and check for any kind of blockage or corrosion. We can also check if the extinguisher is used or not and check its mountings. We service fire extinguishers to keep them safer for use. If it gets stuck during the outbreak of fire, it could be hazardous.

So, we make sure that your fire extinguisher is ready and safe to use in the time of need.

All of our products are certified and approved by Australian standards, tagged, supplied with bracket and ready for easy installation. 

Buy our Fire Extinguishers with confidence. You are purchasing from people who have over 10 year's experience in the Fire Industry.

1 Year Manufacture warranty subject to Fire Extinguisher condition e.g. Rusted, Damaged, Broken Body, Discharged or Tampered With.

Refunds Accepted within 30 days of purchase.

Will not ship to PO boxes

Please note that Fire Extinguishers are dangerous goods so therefor have to travel via road transport. We ship all our Fire Extinguishers via road freight so please understand in some instances that travel time may be longer than stated. We will do our very best so you can receive your goods in the fastest possible manner.


1 Year